Mobile Apps view:

Step 1: Choose Sales Order (SO) to proceed.

Step 2: Click "EDIT ORDER".

Step 3: Click quantity.

Step 4: Update new quantity, and click "UPDATE QUANTITY".

Step 5: Click "ADD PRODUCT".

Step 6: Choose products and enter the quantity, then click "Add items".

Step 7: Click "SAVE".

Web Browser view:

Step 1: Click "Ongoing Orders".

Step 2: Choose the order.

Step 3: Click "EDIT ORDER".

Step 4: Click "Add Item".

Step 5: Select Price List.

Step 6: Select an item by entering the quantity.

Step 7: Click "ADD ITEMS".

Step 8: Click "EDIT ITEMS".

Step 9: Update quantity.

Step 10: Click "CONFIRM".

Step 11: Click "SAVE CHANGES".

The order has been saved.

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